It is said that ignorance is bliss. For someone with this affliction, there is absolutely nothing wrong at all in the world. All acts of violence have a logical reasoning behind them. The hungry are simply skinny people mere moments away from getting a meal. The afflictions of the diseased are simply ignored. In short, someone with Blindness of Bliss is under the irrational delusion that bad things don’t happen.[1a]

This form of ultimate denial manifests when the person witnesses some horrific act of violence, despair, or cruelty. Instead of responding with fight or flight, the victim chooses to ignore the source of trouble, retreating into a coldly-logical vision, complete with rose-coloured glasses. The person relinquishes their code of ethics, not in the desire to do ill, but because such things do not have any merit anymore. The afflicted can still function as normal, but he denies his own actions, even if they are violent, cruel, or insane, as being negative in any way.[1a]

In the first month, the person loses intelligence and ability to work as a team, due to his obliviousness. Most of his friends and family abandon him at this point, which, of course, he gives little thought to. By the second month, his denial reaches a high. Even when he sees the most egregious acts of violence, it is nothing to him, much to the shock and horror of those still associating with him. When confronted with the evidence of terrible acts, mutation, creatures of Chaos, or foul magic, the person must have extreme willpower or else further harden his resolve of ignorance and denial.[1a]

Someone with Blindness of Bliss soon finds himself alone, unwilling to accept any bad news or horrific acts for what they are. He rarely, if ever, takes up arms or comes to the defence of himself or others, and accepts bad luck with wilful ignorance. In extreme cases, the victim simply sits idle while others rob or beat him.[1a]


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