"The trebuchet - far superior to the catapult - hurls thrice-blessed stones at the enemy, crushing them with devout fury."
The Blessed Field Trebuchet.[1]
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A Blessed Trebuchet.[1]

Blessed Trebuchets, or Blessed Field Trebuchets, are holy siege weapons, superior in every way to the standard models utilised by the armies of Bretonnia.


Larger trebuchets are oft-times built with debris sourced from crumbling or lost Grail Chapels. At first, this was considered an act of heresy, but the very first trebuchet built at D'ason was constructed this way and considered to be a blessed weapon. Since then, the tradition of using Grail Chapel parts for the weight stone or even as ammunition has continued, these war machines appearing more blessed than others somehow. Blessed Trebuchets are made at dedicated facilities, where master carpenters work to bring these devastating machines to war.[1]


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