Orcs and Goblins of many different tribes infest the ruins of Karak Azgal in growing numbers since the Dwarfs were driven out. The Blacktooth Tribe was founded by the infamous Orc Warboss Urgok in the Badlands decades ago. His teeth were so rotten that they turned black. To show respect for their leader all warriors of the tribe painted their teeth black (as they do to this day) and thus the name of the tribe was born. Urgok lusted after the riches found in the ruins of the Dragon Crag, so he moved his tribe into the ruins. They found a nearly intact Dwarf Clan's former holdfast and made it their tribal home.[1a]

Today a powerful warboss named Gorgal Ironfoot rules the tribe. Extremely aggressive, even for an Orc, he's not satisfied by hoarding treasure. The tribe stumbled upon a cache of warpstone, chaos tainted rock used by the Skaven for their hideous creations. The Orc Shaman, Wingnot, was smart enough to realize this and convinced Gorgal to make a deal with the Skaven of Clan Skreet. In exchange for the warpstone, the Orcs would get weapons from the Skaven. Gorgal plans to use these weapons on the Skaven to test them and then mount a raid on the Humies and Stunties (the Orc terms for Humans and Dwarfs) in the city above.[1a]

The Blacktooth Tribe lives in what used to be the holdfast of the Skorrun Dwarf Clan. They were merchants specializing in the imports of goods from foreign lands. Most of their goods had already been looted from their warehouses when the Orcs arrived, but the layout of the hold and the quality of the construction made it a perfect place for the Orcs to settle into. There is also a large reservoir in the lower level to provide the clan with drinking water, but it is also the home of a deadly creature warped by Chaos.[1a]


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