Warhammer End Times Blacktail Berserkers

The Blacktail Berserkers

The Blacktail Berserkers are an elite regiment of Clanrats from the depths below Karagril. Deep in the undermines beneath Karagril was Blackrock - a deep strata of unknown material. The Clan Mors skaven from these caverns were known for their black tails and psychotic response to warpbrew, earning them the name Blacktail Berserkers. They carried triangular shields and black spears - but what truly made them unique was their extreme reaction to (and tolerance of) warpbrew. Just a sniff of that unnatural stimulant turned them into rabid, froth-mouthed fiends that could feel no pain and attacked with maniacal energy. Other skaven died shortly after such hyper activity, but the Blacktail Berserkers showed no ill effects, save for craving another dose.[1a]


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