Blackstone Tower is an Imperial fortress guarding the Crooked Corridor in the Grey Mountains.[1a][2a]

The Crooked Corridor was an obscure passage over the mountains until several decades ago, when a series of goblin invasions crossed into Reikland by the route. In response, Emperor Mattheus II commissioned the construction of a fortress to guard the pass.[1a][2a] Blackstone Tower was completed nine years later,[1a] under the auspices of chief architect Alram Habich.[3a] However, an oversight in the planning stage meant that the fortification was actually built on lands claimed by the Dwarf kingdom of Karak Ziflin. The Emperor gave in to the Dwarfs' demands and transferred control of the tower to Karak Ziflin, a move that angered the tower's Reiklander backers, such as the Margrave of Geetburg.[1a] In reality this oversight was no oversight at all, but a very deliberate move by Habich the architect, a clandestine cultist of Tzeentch.[3a]

Today, the tower is manned by both Dwarfs and Reiklanders. However, the Reiklanders are resentful of the dwarfs, whose supervision they are technically under. Meanwhile, the dwarfs constantly belittle the men about the inferior quality of the tower's construction. Generally, the atmosphere in the garrison is tense, some would say unsustainable.[1a] The political mood about the tower is also tense, with King Rorek Granitebeard of Karak Ziflin and Margrave Manegold von Geetburg both vying for control. Add Folcard, Duke of Montfort into the mix, it's possible a war will break out. In all likelihood, the Changer of Ways is very pleased at the discord his servant has sown.[3a]

Blackstone Tower is made of locally sourced stone, whose dark hue gives the castle its name. It is perched above the pass, and gives sharpshooters an unobstructed line of fire onto the path below.[1a][2a]


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