Blackspine Mountains Map

The Blackspine Mountains divide the centre of the dread continent of Naggaroth. It is said that high within their peaks the oldest and most powerful creatures of the world still dwell. Ancient dragons that stalk the skies, and mighty giants that rock the ground with their footsteps, each ruling over domains they have dominated since the dawn of time.[1a]

Many other creatures inhabit these mountains, from harpies through to the mighty manticores and chimerae. As well as these, a strange breed of scaled biped can sometimes be seen in the caves and crevasses. About the height of an Elf and covered head to foot in craggy scales, these creatures are primitive, and war amongst themselves with their stone axes and clubs.[2a]

On occasion, when times are hard or when the call of Chaos from the north grows strong, they descend from the peaks to raid Dark Elf settlements and join with the armies of Chaos, and their numbers are such that it takes great military might to repel them.[2a]


  • It is implied that the bipedal reptilians are not Lizardmen, but another breed of Beastmen.


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