In the Dwarf language, this vast lake is known as Varn Drazh, which means Black Water, and is the name by which it is known to Men. The lake is formed from a vast crater filled with the melt water of the surrounding mountains. In the ancient past, a meteor crashed from the sky to pound this huge gaping crater out of the rock. All around the shores are to be found valuable metal ores, including the much-prized meteoric iron known as Gromril, from which the hardest blades and armour are forged. Strongholds were founded around Varn Drazh to mine the meteoric metals, and also to harness the mountain torrents that gush from the lake. These raging waters wash the ore extracted from the mines and drive huge water wheels which in turn power the drop-hammers in the great subterranean forges. The lake itself is black and deep, and inhabited by dark and ancient monsters.[1c]

In -1136 IC. Kadrin Redmane is ambushed and killed beside the shore of Black Water while leading a mule train of Gromril ore to the High King at Karaz-a-Karak. Kadrin slays thirty-six massive Orcs before he sustains a mortal wound and falls. His last act is to throw his rune hammer far out into the Black Water to prevent it falling into the hands of the enemy. Following Kadrin's death, the Dwarfs' hold on Karak Varn becomes increasingly tenuous, until they are eventually driven out by Skaven. Karak Varn once more falls into the hands of the Dwarfs' foes. [1a]

In 2205 IC. The Battle of Black Falls took place here, when Dwarf and Goblin armies met on the shores of Black Water. Dwarf High King Alrik and Goblin Warlord Gorkil Eyegouger are slain while fighting along the rim of the Black Falls. The Goblin Warlord is mortally wounded by the Dwarf, but pulls his adversary to his doom over the falls. The Goblin army is routed into the icy water and most are swept over the falls and perish with their leader. [1b]


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