Black Gulf

The north-west coast of the Badlands borders the Black Gulf, a vicious sea that is notoriously difficult to navigate. Only the Dwarfs can trundle up and down the straits with constant regularity, as their ships' iron hulls and steam-driven paddles are somewhat immune to the ripping tides and deadly currents that swirl underneath the dark water. That's not to say the ships of other races cannot sail upon the Black Gulf, but they must be master seamen to do so, or else they will find their vessels quickly torn asunder.[1b]

Pirates of the Black Gulf

From the Bay of Wrecks to the very harbours of Barak Varr, the Pirates of the Black Gulf have been a thorn in the side of merchants and trades for years beyond remembering. Consisting of a motley fleet ranging from Sartosan galleons to the seafaring Orc Hulk known as the Waaaghpig, the Pirates of the Black Gulf are arguably the principle reason that the formidable sea defences of Barak Varr are so vigorously maintained. It is the pirates' continued presence that requires regular patrols by the Ironclads of the Dwarf Navy, and skirmishes are a frequent occurrence.[1a]


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