Far to the south of the Old World is the region known to Man as the Black Mountains, a range of peaks swathed with a thousand-mile long belt of forest through which even the Beastmen travel with caution. These forests, sometimes called the Black Deeps, are haunted by the largest arachnids to be found anywhere in the Old World. The woods are choked thick with their webs. The outskirts of the forests are home to the spider-riding Forest Goblins, for whom the Beastmen of the region harbour a deep and lasting contempt.[1a]

The Beastmen that live in these dark woods have long ago adapted to the unique environment, for those unable to avoid or defeat the giant hunting spiders of the region soon perish. Many of these, such as the Shadowgor Warherd, sport fur as dark as the surrounding woods, have acute hearing and have actually developed limited immunity to the spiders' venom. Some bear weapons made from serrated spider limbs, coated with poison brewed from the creature's blood and cursed by the spells of the Bray-Shamans.[1a]


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