"You have seen the Black Coach? You are lucky then. Some say the coach is driven by daemons. I have heard it pass by here on Geheimnisnacht every year. Some say it carries wee children from Altdorf who are sacrificed at the Darkstone Ring."
Reikwald Innkeeper, during the Night of Geheimnisnacht Eve.[2a]
Black Coach

A Black Coach upon a dark and moonlit night.

Black Coaches are, as their name suggests, coaches that are painted jet-black and driven by the servants of the Undead.


Driven forward by a pair of Nightmares and a scythe-wielding Wraith, these coaches serve as a way of transporting a Vampire anywhere he wishes, protecting him from the baneful sun and plowing through any opposition that would dare to stand in his way. These morbid carriages are omens of disaster and death. They are horrific, unholy things, neither wholly real nor immaterial. A Black Coach is a herald of famine, war and murder, the sight of which can drive a sane man to suicide and cause families to fall upon themselves.[1a] 

Black Coaches serves as the principle transport for Vampires to cross large tracts of land without having to face the baneful rays of the sun. They also serve to transport the remains of Vampires into places of slaughter, for a Vampire can never truly die and can still be resurrected should all his remains be placed in a casket and sent to places saturated with Death Magic. By creating a Black Coach, the Vampire's retainers can transport their master's rejuvenating form to places of slaughter.[1a] 

This allows the Vampire to revivify himself, drinking in the coalescing energies that swirl around the crucible of war. Each Black Coach is a magnet for such baleful forces; as it drives onward, it soaks in the energies of the battlefield, shimmering with sorcerous power until it is all but unstoppable. Driven on by the undying will of the Vampire couched within it, the Black Coach crushes or scythes down the ranks of the enemy that are foolish enough to stand in its way.[1a] 



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