"To sail with a Black Ark is one of the greatest honours that any Druchii could ever aspire to. I trained long and hard to earn my berth upon the Wind of Damnation, slaying several undeserving rivals to the post along the way. It is a worthy life. I get to regularly practice my skills upon our many enemies and one tenth of the plunder that I seize is mine to keep. Slaves, gold, and fame, these too can be yours if you are bold."
Teilancarr, Druchii Corsair.[2a]
Warhammer Female Black Ark Corsair

The mighty reavers of the World's Seas.

Black Ark Corsairs are notorious reavers, having spent their entire lives pillaging distant lands. They are the lionised darlings of Naggarothi society, embodying as they do the drive to earn riches and glory.[1a]


It is a hard, dangerous life in the raiding fleets, but a successful voyage can see a captain and crew return laden down with wealth beyond the dreams of most city-dwellers. It is not uncommon for a Corsair fleet to spend years ransacking foreign lands, returning home only when their holds are bursting with slaves and plunder.[1a]

As they tend to do most of their fighting in the topmasts of ships and the crowded tangle of dockside streets, Black Ark Corsairs prefer fast weapons that give them an edge in one-on-one fights. Cutlasses, punch daggers and barbed knives are common, as are repeater handbows. Corsairs eschew shields and metal armour, relying on cloaks fashioned from Sea Dragon hide to preserve them from injury. They also carry a vile array of nets, grapples and barbed chains. Such tools are not only useful for getting a grip on the slippery flank of a ship, but also for ensnaring fleeing victims, who are soon thereafter dragged to a terrible fate.[1a]



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