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Birna is a tribeswoman of the Sarls.

The Sarl huntress Birna[1b] is described as having the lean, supple and sinuous figure that drove men mad on long sea voyages, filling their minds with vice too long denied. Yet Birna is no simple freeholder or farm wench, no meek villager content to bask in the glory of whatever champion warmed her bed. If one can ignore the curve of her shape, the slope of her thighs and fullness of her breasts, one would notice the grey slashes of old scars and the puckered residue of old wounds upon her alabaster skin. No, Birna is akin to a shield maiden of the old sagas, a woman who seizes her own glories by her own hand.[1a]

With long platinum-hair and dark eyes, her most striking feature is that of her tongue. Since birth, she had been marked by the gods with a tongue as black as a crow's feather--long, thin and fluted like a bird's--from which she can give a trilling note that creatures of the sky can understand, and be understood by her. Such was the case when she called upon a murder of crows to torment a Beastlord that had taken her captive, allowing Einarr Steelfist to strike the killing blow and free her from the sacrificial pyre. Birna bears a heavy sense of wanderlust, and is skilled in vanishing amongst the trees, her steps so soft and careful they scarcely mar the snow beneath her feet. When she was freed from the Beastmen, she reacquired her stolen gear: a leather tunic and breeches, over which she wears a skirt of chain and a cloak of sabretusk hide. She wield's a flat-bladed sword with a whale tooth hilt and an ivory-bound bow. The multitude of feathers she's strung from her hair adds a savage and feral quality to her lethal appearance.[1a]


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