Bile Trolls of Nurgle

A Bile Troll of Nurgle.

Bile Trolls are one of the most grotesque of all Troll breeds.


Trolls are naturally hideous and malformed creatures, among whom a wide variety of different mutated subspecies and terrible deformities can be found, but it is the Bile Trolls who rank above even these terrible breeds. Corrupt of flesh and dwelling in living agony, who, unlike many of Father Nurgle's children, receive no respite from the horror of their existence in their dark god's worship. Furthermore, although their ability to heal fresh injury is less than that of their kin (as overtaxed as it is by their own endless suffering), their touch is a lethal poison and their corrosive bile rots away living flesh in seconds.[1a]

Encountered in the most fecund Cold Mires of the northern Troll Country under the malignant shadow of the Chaos Wastes, the ancient lore of the Kul tribes holds a tale that the descent of these creatures can be traced to an ancient Troll chief named Raak Stoneshatterer. A beast afflicted with unusual intelligence and endless gluttony who, it is said in the elder days before the rise of the Great Bastion of the east, united many of his monstrous kin in a great warband to challenge the Champions of Chaos themselves for the favour of the Dark Gods. Victory after victory fell before them, and Raak and his monstrous kin grew fat and arrogant, until on the plain of Scorched Bones they confronted the vast horde of Gulvas Bloatchild, favoured son of the Plague Father.[1a]

After days of fighting beneath the howling aurora, Raak and his kin stood triumphant. Wracked with unholy hunger from their exertions, the Trolls descended on the dead of the battlefield and devoured the bitter, cankerous meat of the fallen and so sealed their doom. The infected flesh turned and writhed in their guts, and they were filled with the most potent diseases and cankers of Nurgle's devising. So concentrated was this malediction it was more even than the vaunted regenerative power of the Trolls to overcome, but the gifts of the Plague-lord did not consume them. Instead the infected Trolls became even more twisted, tormented creatures, their bodies bloated and agonised, endlessly regenerating only to be devoured again from within. Father Nurgle's mirth was said to be great at their suffering and fallen pride. The Bile Trolls that haunt the Cold Mires today, although mercifully few in number, are the decedents of Raak's followers and those among Troll-kind who have shared their fate. They are shunned and feared, even by other Trolls who, despite their infamous stupidity, do not wish to share their curse.[1a]


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