The third son of a Tilean prince, Bibino "The Count" Ortichino lost his inheritance when his promised parcel of land was claimed by an Estalian margrave as hostage ransom. After receiving the news, Bibino found and killed the Estalian, then fled to Sartosa to avoid reprisals.[1a]

Bibino soon discovered that sea-sickness would limit his career as a pirate, but his ambitious yet carefree style did attract followers, including many outlaws and a halfling barber-surgeon. Bibino's crew followed him eastward to the Border Princes, where ancient Nehekharan gold was rumoured to be buried.[1a]

Bibino plans to amass enough gold to build a keep, and he's promised each of his men a plot of land within the future princedom. His men are loyal and deferential, addressing their chief as "Count Ortichino". Having failed to locate any gold thus far, the outlaws have conducted a series of raids into the Darklands, each one more disastrous than the last. On its most recent raid, the outlaw band returned with only two barrels of hobgoblin rotgut at the cost of eight men.[1a]

Bibino plies new recruits with booze until they become alcoholics and often awards alcohol in lieu of cash payment. He manages to keep his wits sharp despite the constant revelry that has become the hallmark of his camp.[1a]


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