Bianca Ostovich is well known throughout the northern oblast as the fearsome atamankas of Petrev. A huge woman she towers over many men, especially when wrapped in her ceremonial furs, great silver bulava gripped in one hand.[1a]

Descended from the wild horsemen of the north she is one of the few female Ungol atamans, a testament to her resilience and strength. Scornful of weak southerners, Empire folk and Gospodars alike, she has little time for outsiders. Within Petrev and its surrounds she rules with an iron fist, often helping out the atamans of nearby villages should they be in need. As a result many of the Ungol tribes are in Bianca's debt.[1a]

As tough as any man, and a measure tougher than many, it is said she can trace her linage back to the Great War against Chaos when her ancestors fought to free the north of the taint of corruption. As proof of this her great hall is adorned with the weathered skulls of strange and twisted creatures, purportedly beasts slain by her ancestors. Bianca however tends to favour more simple trophies for herself and carries a bag of teeth at her belt, donated from unruly villages and enemies alike. If someone looks like they are getting out of line she rattles her toothbag in warning, which is usually enough to make them behave.[1a]


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