Bhagar, the Eternal Necropolis is one of the ancient city-states of Nehekhara.


In ancient times, the people of Bhagar were part of the nomadic desert tribes of the Great Desert that are the ancestors of the modern Arabyans. Originally bandits that preyed on Nehekharan caravans, they were conquered by Settra, civilized and incorporated into the Great Land. The people of Bhagar were horsemen first and foremost, with cavalry being a vital part of their military forces. Bhagar became rich and prosperous through trade, since it held the only real roadway leading to the lands far to the south, along the Gulf of Medes.[1a] Their main god was Khsar, the Faceless god of the desert winds.

When Bhagar resisted the rule of Nagash from Khemri, Arkhan the Black lead a punitive expedition that enslaved most of the Bhagarites, killed nearly all of their their prized horse herds and caused hundreds of refugees to seek shelter in the other cities, spreading the word of Nagash's crimes.

From 120 IC to 170 IC, King Setep of Bhagar conducted large raids into the Borderlands.[3a]


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