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Berus of Veigs is a huge man, bigger than even the Chosen Ernst von Kammler. A devout worshipper of Khorne, Berus' armour is chased in bronze and stained a bloody red. What look like bones are somehow fixed to the heavy metal plates, looking almost as though they had melted into the steel, giving his mail an almost skeletal appearance. His face is cruel and savage, hideous runes scarred into his flesh, his wild hair matted with dried blood. Through his beard, one can see from his smile that his teeth are filed into points and capped with bronze. More disconcerting are the man's eyes; there are no white in them, only the blood red of the battlefield and the shrines of Khorne. The skull rune of the blood god glows upon the brow of Berus' great horned helmet, covering his visage behind a beast-skull mask. Combined with his enormous axe, the Veig is a terror upon the battlefield.[1a]

Berus was rescued from becoming a sacrifice to Nurgle when Einarr Steelfist's warband ventured through the domain of Skoroth, where they proceeded to slay a worm-like daemon that Berus' Hung captors had taken to worshipping. He would become the ninth member of Einarr's warband.[1a]


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