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Bertrand le Grande, Knight of Bretonnia.[1]

Bertrand le Grande led the Bretonnian Knights who fought in the infamous Battle of Mousillon.


Bertrand's heraldic Banner.

Bertrand was tasked by King Louen himself with assisting the Grail Knights of Tristan de la Tour in destroying the cursed "Black Grail." He and his men were stationed in the town of Vingtienne, where they were to await the arrival of the Grail Knights and their foreign allies.[1]

While stationed in Vingtienne, the town came under attack by an army of Greenskins. Bertrand's allies arrived just in time, however, and together they were able to defeat the Orcs.[1]

Joining up with the coalition army of Empire, Dwarf and Mercenary soldiers, Bertrand and his knights were considered every bit as deadly as the Grudgebringers' most elite cavalry. His Knights belonged to the most numerous of the Bretonnian orders of chivalry. They rode into battle on powerful Bretonnian Warhorses, and were soon known for being highly skilled in combat.[1]



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