Warhammer Bertha Bestraufrung

Burtha, High Matriarch.

Bertha Bestraufrung was the reigning High Matriarch of the Sisterhood of Sigmar during the fall of Mordheim.


Years ago, Bertha sought refuge in the strict discipline and devotions of the Sisters of Sigmar, the warrior god of the Empire was worthy of her esteem. Only He was constant and faithful. And had not holy Sigmar, in truth, chosen her to be one of his handmaidens?[1a]

The pure blood of the Unberogens runs in Bertha's veins, as evinced by her long golden plaits and fierce blue eyes, which can freeze a Goblin at twenty paces with an icy glare. Even her voice commands authority, turning strong, hairy-thewed men into trembling wretches. The Sisters look up to Bertha as an example of holy womanhood. She rose rapidly through the ranks of the Sisterhood, and on her deathbed the revered Matriarch Cassandra named Bertha her successor, new High Matriarch, and Abedissa of Sigmar's Rock. Sometimes, as Bertha straps on her Gromril armour in the light of dawn, she reflects on the lost innocence of her youth. Then, angrily, she tightens the studded leather straps tightly over her iron-hard limbs and strides outside to spend hours practicing with her great warhammers, preparing herself, as a bride of Sigmar should, for the day of battle.[1a]


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