Benedicta von Carstein was a Dreamwalker who turned into a vampire, only to later be slain by Elisinda the Black.[1a]

Known in life as Benedicta the Radiant, she was a former mercenary who fought for years until she was the sole survivor of her company after it was thrown against a Necromancer. She found herself plagued by prophetic dreams, and followed them to destroy many Undead. She favoured fire as a weapon, which gave rise to her name. Before the Wars of the Vampire Counts formally began, her dreams led her into what would become Sylvania, where she disappeared. It was later discovered that she had become a Carstein vampire after Elisinda the Black, a priestess of Morr, came out of Ostermark just ahead of the Vampire armies, carrying the fallen Benedicta's head, the priestess having sought the Dreamwalker she had seen in her dreams.[1a][1b]


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