Warhammer Cult of Ranald

Sigil of the Cult of Ranald

Every year on Ranald's Day, somewhere in Altdorf, numerous beggars of the city converge upon what is called the Beggar's Banquet. The down-and-outs with a plan, the grifters and small time con men, the bawds and dubious guides, tricksters, and petty gamblers meet up to pay their respects to Ranald. Whether they are honouring his protector aspect, or his deceiver aspect, or some other facet of the inscrutable deity, is down to each individual. The service is led by cloaked and masked priests of Ranald. After the service, each beggar donates what he can before the congregation feasts upon whatever the cult has managed to provide. Some of the wealthiest personages of Altdorf find their larder a little empty that night. Undoubtedly, the conversation over the feast is always about what new things can be stolen, who are the easiest marks, and what are the newest ways to part the rich and the naive from their money. The Brotherhood of Altdorf does not approve of the Beggar's Banquet and refuses to support it. It is too unrefined and indiscriminate for their tastes. This has caused a friction between some followers of Ranald.[1a][1b]


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