Situated on the south bank of the Upper Talabec, Bechafen is a compact city crowded behind its defensive walls. Buildings are narrow and tall, and lean at dizzying angles over alleys that are more like darkened tunnels. Built from the dark wood of the Great Forest, Bechafen’s structures have a gloomy look that no amount of whitewash and coloured trim can dispel.


Bechafen is the capital of Ostermark, and has been since the destruction of Mordheim in 2000 IC. The Princes of Bechafen, the Hertwig family, have traditionally held the Chancellor’s post since then, in recognition of their service in the aftermath of the disaster. Though the position is hereditary, it must be confirmed by unanimous vote of the other Council members. By decree of the Emperor, the Chancellor is also named Elector Count of Ostermark.

Bechafen is famous for its boatyards, where some of the finest river craft in the Empire are made. There are also two waterpowered sawmills here, a gift of the King of Karak-Kadrin. These turn the logs brought down-river into more easily transported planks. Unfortunately, they are also favourite places for Bechafen’s criminal gangs to dispose of people who have crossed them.

Currently, Bechafen is astir because of Chancellor Hertwig’ call to arms and the army’s march to Eisenstal. Left under the command of his younger brother, Matteus, the town is restive for fear that a Chaos army might march south out of Kislev to cross the Talabec and lay siege. Agitators argue that there are spies amongst the Kislevites in the city, and the town watch has already had to intervene to prevent lynchings. If Crom does not appear soon, the turmoil at home may force the Chancellor to return.


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