"The Squires of the "Beastslayer" Duke are amongst the hardiest of Bretonnian infantry, taking his epithet as their name for good reason."
The Beastslayers.[1]
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The Beastslayers of Bastonne are an elite group of Bretonnian Squires.


The Beastslayers are the personal footsoldiers of the mighty Grail Knight, Duke Bohemond the "Beastslayer" of Bastonne. They are better equipped than other Foot Squires, donning heavier armor, helmets and wielding large halberds instead of the standard greatswords. Much like their fearsome liege lord, they excel at fighting dangerous beasts and ferocious monsters.[1]


  • One of the Beastslayer Duke's elite Squires.
  • Portrait of a Beastslayer of Bastonne


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