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The following contains a list of events related to the Beastmen, utilising the Imperial Calendar as Beastmen do not keep extensive records about their history. Additional information regarding the Drakwald is also placed here, as the forest realm holds particular significance to Beastmen activity within the Old World.[1a]


  • –500 -- Humanity rises in the Old World. Numerous warlords, chieftains and petty kings war amongst themselves to establish realms in the northern Old World. Many tribes already live in the Steppes to the north and in the outer lands of the Chaos Wastes. Larger settlements are established along rivers and coastlines. Goblins, Beastmen, and other vile creatures prey upon these scattered tribes.[2a]
  • 756 -- The Hellstriders of Sharliss the Damned dart through the trees of the Bloodgrove Forest and fall upon the warherd of Graknor Manrender with flashing blows too quick for the eye to see. Within the hour, over four thousand Beastmen have been skinned alive and nailed to the surrounding trees and herdstones, their howls of agony sending Sharliss' warriors into a blissful state of delirium.[4a]
  • 947 -- Bretonnia's northern lands are overrun by Greenskin tribes, as well as Beastmen pouring forth from the Forest of Arden. Around this time, the Norse begin to raid the northern coastal regions and the northern Bretonni tribes are isolated from each other and their lands ravaged.[5a]
  • 1106-1110 -- Drakwald succumbs to ever-increasing numbers of Chaos beasts. Count Vilner is slain and his Runefang is sent to the Emperor to hold until a successor claims power.[1a]
  • 1124 -- Count Mandred of Middenland rallies the plague-ravaged citizens of the Empire and drives out a massive invasion of Chaotic beasts. Folklore tells that he fights against man-sized rats (earning him the title Mandred the Ratcatcher and Mandred Rat-Slayer), though scholars later dismiss this as myth. Following this campaign he is elected Emperor, holding his court in Middenheim.[1a]
  • 1152 -- The assassination of Emperor Mandred. The Elector Counts cannot agree on a successor. Stirland and Talabecland emerge as the strongest claimants and outright war begins between them.[1a]
  • 1153-1200 -- Left unsupported, the villages and towns of the Drakwald decline and the ancient woods reclaim the land. Chaotic monsters overrun many settlements and thousands are slain by Beastmen and Goblins.[1a]
  • 1414 -- Nordland and Middenland, after centuries of intermittent war, sign an agreement to divide the contested lands of Drakenwald.[1a]
  • 1265 -- In a bid to rally support, Count Faulk of Middenland gathers an army to reclaim the Drakwald. Beastlord Kartok Great-horn leads over thirty Beastmen warbands in a temporary alliance, and destroys Faulk's force in the fourth week of its campaign. No survivors return to Middenheim, Kartok is eventually slain in a challenge by the Doombull Urgorgoth.[1a]
  • 1520 -- Gorthor the Beastlord, emissary of the Dark Gods and the most deadly Beastman ever to have led his armies from the forest, invades the Empire. His rampaging hordes utterly destroy the city of Hergig and bring two entire provinces to their knees.[9a]
  • 1547 -- Count Siegfried of Middenland proclaims himself Emperor. There are now three Emperors.[1a]
  • 2371 -- The marriage of Countess von Bildhofen of Middenland to the first Boris Todbringer of Middeheim. Their son Berholdt becomes the first Todbringer Count of Middenland (the great-grandfather of the present day Count).[1a]
  • 2470 -- Emperor Luitpold and his infant son, Karl Franz, are ambushed in the Reikwald Forest by Beastmen. The Reiksguard bravely defend their lord, but they are butchered by a trio of Ghorgons. Just when it looks as if the Emperor and his son are about to fall to a Minotaur's axe, Wood Elves burst out of the forest and come mysteriously to their rescue, cutting the Beastmen down in a hail of arrows, before vanishing back into the trees.[7a]
  • 2519-Present -- Khazrak returns the favour, putting out Todbringer's right eye when he ambushes the Count's army outside Norderingen. The Count's war continues to this day, with a 10,000-crown reward on Khazrak's head.[1a]


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