"Yes, we resemble beasts. Yes, we are savage. Neither of those things makes us stupid. That often comes as a surprise to Humans. Invariably it is the last thing that ever surprises them."
Beastlord Grakkle, as translated from the Beast Tongue by Keldar Mouth-of-Chen.[2a]

A massive Beastlord standing triumphant against his enemies.

Beastlords are the strongest and most tyrannical leaders of the Beastmen tribes, all of whom are large, hairy, musclebound brutes possessed of a raw and savage might that far outshadows the rest of his brutish kin.


Beastlords carry themselves with swaggering confidence, revelling in their own superiority over lesser beasts. Their thick, hairy skulls are crowned with magnificent sets of horns as sharp and hard as any blade, and their robust and heavily-thewed bodies are covered with scar tissue and crudely rendered tattoos.[1a]

Many Beastmen champions bear a reward or Gift of Chaos, setting them apart from the rest of the herd. The threat of violence is implicit in their every gesture. A Beastlord commands such an impressive aura that he commands not one, but several warherds under his command, for it is a common ritual for all Wargors to compete each other in deadly duels to see who shall lead the herd on the warpath.[1a]

When battle is joined, the Beastlords lead the warherd from the front, usually accompanied by a retinue of his most vicious Bestigors. Experts in single combat, they seek out the leaders of the enemy armies, taking brutal satisfaction in smashing the warriors of lesser races into the dirt and taking their heads as grisly trophies. By slaying the leaders of the foe the Beastlords not only prove their supremacy over the civilised races but also gain the notice of the Dark Gods themselves.[1a]


  • 6th Edition. (Great Weapon)
  • 6th Edition. (Two Hand Weapon)


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