"The massive creature sniffed me, put a paw on my shoulder and punched my chest in a friendly fashion. I looked into its eyes, barely a few inches from mine own, and saw the eyes of a man, not a beast. Perhaps it is true the bravest sons of Ursun return to life as bears. Or perhaps we men are closer to mere beasts than we believe."
Friar Begel, “My Travels in Kislev”[1a]

A Southern Bear of the Reikland

There is no creature more important to the Kislevites than the Bear. He is more than just the symbol of the land, a God, and a king; his image is more than just a rallying figure for armies and proud citizens. The bear shares his life with the people of the oblast and shares their struggles. When winters are harsh, he goes hungry just as they do. When spring comes again, he takes his young to the river to play just as they do. In summer’s bloom, he trains his young to hunt, and he hunts as well as any man. The only difference is that the bear hunts men, and men hunt the bear. Despite this, the bear is not an enemy so much as a healthy competitor. It is right to be wary of the bear and fight to drive him back to his own lands should he come out of the forest or caves—but so, too, will the bear fight to protect his home, and so, too, is he wary of the rifle, the blade, and the bow.[1a]

Species of Bear

The Kislevites recognise three separate types of bear.[1a]

Common Bear

The Common or Southern Bear is the same species that roams the northern lands of the Empire. These large, brown beasts are the least dangerous, despite reaching seven feet when on their hind legs. Though normally content to forage for nuts and berries and feed on small prey, the turmoil of war can cause these bears to lose their natural fear of man, replacing it with the prospect of an easy meal...[1a][2]

Cave Bear

Larger, stronger, and with grey-speckled fur are the cave or mountain bears. Unlike their forest-dwelling cousins, Cave Bears are strictly carnivorous and are far more territorial and given to violence. Many an adage turns on the bad temper or destructive fury of a cave bear.[1a]

Ice Bear

Finally, in the far north live the enormous Ice Bears. These creatures use their white fur to hunt invisibly on the tundra. They are frequently man-eaters and can smell such prey from miles away. To hunt and slay an ice bear is a deed worthy of many songs; to tame one, as Boris Ursus did, is a deed of legend.[1a]


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