Bazrak Bolgan

Bazrak Bolgan conversion.

Bazrak Bolgan was a Dwarf Brewmaster working for Josef Bugman.


An expatriate of the Dragonback Dwarf Hold and veteran of the Goblin Wars, by the time Bugman's Brewery was sacked by Git Guzzler, he was a very old and grumpy dwarf, with an enormous belly and infamous fiery temper. However, his skill as a brewmaster impressed even the great Bugman himself.[1b]

Shortly before the brewery was burnt down, Bazrak Bolgan was leading a convoy of beer carts down the Old Dwarf Road, when they were attacked by Grotsnag and his Wolf Bandits[1a] However, Bolgan escaped the ambush and was able to regroup with the rest of his forces.[2a] He later fought when Bugman's Brewery was besieged by Git Guzzler's horde.[3a] If he was not killed at that battle, he was carried off by the victorious goblins to an unknown fate.[4a][5a]


  • Bolgan's Finest: Bolgan's Finest is a rare brew crafted by Bazrak Bolgan himself. It is said to be a concoction that fortifies and fires up any dwarf who drinks it. However, so strong is it that no non-dwarf can drink it and remain on their feet.[1b]


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