Like the rest of Bretonnia, Mousillon has seen many battles. Few, however, have taken place on the ocean off its bleak, rocky shore. The Battle of the Tides was a terrible exception. Taking place in 1480 (2458 IC),[1a] its origins lie in the seas around Tilea and Estalia, where piracy is so prevalent that whole Tilean city-states are based around its profits. The Estalian Navy mounted a rare campaign against the pirate ships in its waters, and a great host of pirates decided to band together and sail north to escape the Estalians and find some safe harbour in Bretonnia or perhaps Marienburg. The Bretonnians would of course object to so many pirates suddenly sailing around in their waters, but the various pirates reckoned with some justification that they could outrun the Bretonnian fleet.[1b]

The pirates did not take into account the malice of the sea-god Manaan. A series of freak tides dragged the pirates close to the shore of Mousillon, and they found they were trapped with the coast on one side and a Bretonnian fleet on the other. The Bretonnians closed and crushed the pirate fleet ship by ship, shattering them with cannon shot or letting them tear their hulls on the jagged rocks of the shore. The battle lasted a full day and a night, during which the entire pirate fleet was destroyed. The next morning saw a prodigiously high spring tide, and it is said that some drowned corpses were deposited a full mile inland.[1b]


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