In 2480 IC, Count Shuvaltz, one of the border princes, heard tale of the fabled Land of the Dead which lay across the sea to the south. Most interesting to him was the rumour of great treasures heaped up in the ancient tombs, just waiting to be taken. The Count was badly in need of funds to raise an army and fortify his castle, so he decided to send a small expedition to seek and bring back treasure from the necropolis of Zandri, the pyramids of which were spied by one of his ship's captains, whilst he sailed along the desert coast.[1a]

The force which the Count sent was fairly small and is likely to have included mercenaries. Only one survivor returned to tell the tale. They had indeed found tombs, full of golden artefacts, but their desecration had awakened the long dead dwellers of the necropolis. The expedition was attacked by overwhelming forces of skeleton soldiers led by their mummified king, and wiped out. Their bones remained among the sands to slowly bleach in the sun.[1a]


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