When King Belegar sent messages to Karaz-a-Karak requesting aid, he got more than he bargained for. The relief force was ten thousand strong, all mail-clad Dwarfs led by none other than High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer himself. Thus was the siege once again lifted from the citadel fortress of Karak Eight Peaks, and a new offensive launched to re-enter the main halls below.[1a]

The High King commenced the attack by forcing passage through the Karag Nar gates, while King Belegar drove out of the fortified citadel. The fighting was fierce, with axe and hammer pitted against stabbing spears and Squig teeth. The fire of the Dwarfs' anger was hotter, however, and the presence of the High King turned the tide. The Dwarfs cleared the first two levels, their forces advancing towards the Great Hall. But Skarsnik, the leader of the Crooked Moon tribe, emptied his reserves, sending forth wave after wave of attackers. Amidst the forest of shattered pillars, the fighting raged for three blood-soaked days. Through sheer determination, the Dwarfs won the Great Hall, captured the Crooked Moon Standard and cast down the idol the Greenskins summoned to aid them, yet the Dwarfs did not have the numbers to hold their gains. Although it grieved them, the Dwarfs burnt their dead behind them and force marched back to their starting positions before the greenskins could recover, or the Skaven join the fray.[1a]


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