The Battle of Stuttburg was the culmination of Antoine von Carstein's second invasion of The Empire.[1b]

Forty years previous, von Carstein had launched a similar campaign, but was defeated by the then-Grand Master of the Knights of the Blazing Sun Maximillian von Klaus. He was not killed, however, and swore revenge.[1b]

In the lead-up to the Battle of Stuttburg, von Carstein initially attacked small villages and isolated settlements, primarily for the purpose of gaining fresh corpses for his armies. When he believed his forces to be sufficiently mighty, he set his sights on the Empire harbour town of Stuttburg. He chose this town because von Klaus, now somewhat elderly, served as its mayor.[1b]

However, the Imperial government was not unaware of the size and danger of this invasion. Witch Hunters returned to the court of Karl Franz bearing news of von Carstein's army. Reiksmarshal Wilhelm Hague was dispatched leading an army of soldiers from Averland, Stirland, Talabecland, and Ostermark. Karl Franz also filled an Empire Greatship, the Pride of Sigmar, with elite Altdorf guard and sent it to defend Stuttburg.[1b]

Before the battle, the Imperial forces dug entrenchments outside the city walls and placed artillery pieces around the town. Von Carstein's arrival was heralded by numerous bats and insects descending upon Stuttburg. The vampire cast a spell forcing the harbour to disgorge the bodies of those who had drowned there, further bolstering his numbers.[1b]

As the battle raged, von Carstein was able to breach the city walls at the Gate of Sigmar. He lead his troops into the town square, where he intended to slay von Klaus. However, before he could do so, he was intercepted by Reiksmarshal Hague and a unit of Outriders...[1b]


  • The Battle of Stuttburg was the theme of the display at U.K. Games Day 1999 Vengeance of the Vampire.[1a]


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