The Battle of Shining Ridge was a battle between the Dark Elves and High Elves within the Shining Ridge.

In XI, 78, the Dark Elf host of Makanarth Blightblade ravaged the seaward lands of Tiranoc, and then headed further inland, aiming to cross the Arcspan into northern Caledor. However, before the Dark Elves could make good their plans, Prince Galathor mustered the greatest army of chariots ever seen in Ulthuan.[1a]

Disdaining to wait for aid from the neighboring realms, Galathor met the Dark Elves head on. Many hundreds of treacherous kin met their end upon Shining Ridge that day, trampled by ithilmar-shod wheels and hooves, or else pierced by Tiranoc arrows and spears. Galathor's own spear -- the very weapon with which his distant ancestor had fought at Aenarion's side -- snatched Makanarth from the back of his Cold One Chariot and later tore the throat from his witch-consort Drathella.[1a]

As dusk fell, the Dark Elves fled into the crags and valleys where Galathor's chariots could not follow, but found their paths blocked by some of Tiranoc's finest spear and archer regiments. Bloodily repulsed, the Dark Elves retreated towards the lowlands, only to find the plains alive with Ellyrian Reavers. The bold knights of Ellyrion had driven their horses hard, but still had vigour enough to fight. Lowering their spears, the Reavers slammed full tilt into the retreating Dark Elves. By the time the sun had sunk beneath the sea, the battle was over.[1a]


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