"One day when you are old and weak, mortal, we shall return for you. We shall drink of you. We shall revenge our beloved Elysabet! We shall bleed you and your Empire dry and when we have finished, you will be one of us. Your rotting flesh will be a feast for the crows and worms but you shall not rest. You will suffer an eternity of horror, Maximillian von Klaus. In forty years, we shall find you. We shall kill you. We will kill your sons, your people, your whole pitiful Empire."
Antoine von Carstein swearing revenge at the Battle of Schrolnetz Plain[1a]

The Battle of Schrolnetz Plain was a large battle fought in 2465 IC between the forces of the Empire and the Undead army of the vampire Antoine von Carstein.[1a]

Von Carstein's army had marched out of Sylvania intent on destroying the Empire. He would have succeeded had Emperor Wilhelm III not united the Elector Counts against his army. The climax of the campaign took place at the Battle of Schrolnetz Plain, in which the Undead were soundly defeated.[1a]

In the midst of the Battle, a unit of Knights of the Blazing Sun, lead by their Grand Master Maximillian von Klaus, charged the vampire and defeated his guards. Von Carstein, however, was not killed and swore revenge. After his defeat, Antoine von Carstein returned to Sylvania and plotted his revenge against his defeaters. This later came to pass at the Battle of Stuttburg.[1a]


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