In the year 1350 IC (IV, 234)[2a] a Dwarf expedition led by Grungni Goldfinder descended from the Grey Mountains into Athel Loren. The Elves regard the Dwarfs as destructive, greed-filled, ugly creatures oblivious to the beauty of the natural world, who burn the forests to feed their machines and spend their lives devouted to grubbing in the earth searching for precious metals and stones. As such, when Goldfinder and his warriors advanced along the Pine Crags ravine, the Elven Lord Findul, hatred burning within his heart, quickly gathered his forces to attack.[1a]

The Elves peppered the Dwarfs with bowfire, infuriating the proud Grungni. Wishing to face his foe toe-to-toe, if not eye-to-eye, he ordered his troops into tight shield-walls and marched towards the Elven line. Thus the Dwarfs were drawn further into the ravine. Brightly painted Dwarf Slayers recklessly raced at the Elves, and were led deep into the forest, where they were slowly picked off one by one without ever getting close to their enemy. Elven mages ensured that the retreat of the Dwarfs was closed, as the forest closed ranks and ensnared the Dwarfs in the trap. Grungni, realising he was surrounded, formed his followers into a solid square shield-wall, but his doom was already assured. The Dwarfs were slowly cut down by the withering fire from the Elves. Grungni was the last Dwarf left alive, and he stood surrounded by his slain kin, swearing and bellowing in rage. The sister-twins of the Pine Crags, the legendary Naestra and Arahan, finally slew him, simultaneously sending arrows thudding into his eyes. The bones of the Dwarf expedition now adorn the eyries and nests of the majestic eagles and vicious warhawks that dwell in the heights of the crags.[1a]


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