In VII, 116 (619 IC), Prince Elliriad of Ulthuan led a host of High Elves against the dark tides of his half-brother Vengril the Cruel. The battle covered every acre of Mount Fireheart's volcanic slopes. Thousands died with every passing hour, and rivers of blood hissed like hydras as the red-hot magma underfoot boiled away the remains of the fallen. The air became filled with the crack-boom of gigantic wings as High Elf lordlings and Dark Elf princes duelled for supremacy upon Manticores and Star Dragons, their sinuous shapes writhing like a living mosaic that covered the sky. The battle was won when, stirred from his millennial slumbers by Vengril's dark sorcery, Malificant the Ancient emerged from his fiery lair in a great rage. The High Elf host was driven into the sea with terror before them.[1a]


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