The Battle of Montfort was the single bloodiest confrontation to occur between the Bretonnian crown and the armies of the Sigmarite Empire. The conflict was comprised of forces from Montfort and Parravon, facing invaders from Reikland, accompanied by an army of Mercenaries and sell-swords.


Atop a shallow hill, cowardly Empire cannons pounded at the knights and peasants of the Bretonnian lines, carving great furrows through horse, man and soil with every shot. In the centre of the field knightly warriors of both realms clashed, whilst yeomen and peasants vied with the huntsmen and free companies about their flanks. A thousand men or more had already been lost to death's icy embrace, Imperial General Von Abresicht amongst them, and yet the fire of battle still burnt strongly, seeking to consume all.[1]

The battle continued for many long hours, both sides drawing upon reserves of energy and courage whose existence few men would credit. By the time dusk fell, the ground about Montfort was choked with blood and the screams of the wounded threatened to eclipse the last sounds of the dying battle. Only when reinforcements from Parravon arrived, the Duke himself riding at the head of his household knights, did the conflict finally find resolution. The remaining Imperial forces, hard-pressed by the foes they had fought all day, could not contain these new arrivals and were slowly backed into Axe Bite Pass.[1]

As the Empire lines crumbled, the surviving members of their army retreated. The demoralised Imperials were later hunted down and slaughtered by a small force of Questing Knights led by Tristan the Troubadour. This engagement was soon lauded as the Impossible Victory on account of the Bretonnians being vastly outnumbered.[1]


The Battle of Montfort was regarded as the bloodiest in memory, with over six thousand men laying dead on the field at its conclusion. The Bretonnians were sure that Von Albresicht had some grand purpose worthy of him hiring as many Mercenaries as money could buy, and for raising all the Militia regiments he had authority over. Alas, the purpose of his attack was never determined, partly due to the General's own death, but also because the Imperial court was less than forthcoming on the matter.[1]


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