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The inhospitable moorlands of Grim Moor

The Battle of Grim Moor was the final climactic battle of the Second Vampire War, where Vampire Count Konrad von Carstein was defeated at the hands of a conjoint coalition of the Empire's many provinces and the armies of the Dwarfs.

The battle was fought approximately 50 miles north-west of the city of Wurtbad in the spring of 2121 IC when Konrad was forced into a retreat following his failed ploy of manipulation within the city of Averheim. The event finally sparked a form of unity amongst the squabbling Elector Counts, resulting in a combined alliance of Men and Dwarfs which was fought within the inhospitable moorlands of Grim Moor.

By then, Konrad's behaviour had become so erratic that his favoured Necromancers began to fear for their lives. Seeing no further gains with their association with Konrad and their fears of Imperial retribution, the Blood Knights marched away from the Count's army on the eve of the battle. Konrad was so incensed about this turn of events that he ordered his army into a frontal assault against the forces fully arrayed against him, rather then wisely retreating further into the moorlands. As before, the armored warriors of Konrad had endured punishable blows dealt by the barrage of handguns, artillery and warmachines of the Empire and those of the Dwarfs.

Although his elite core of warriors had managed to endure the punishment, a strange event began to occur. In that instant, the regiments of the Undead began to falter, with the magic that bound them together seeping away. In that moment, the enslaved Necromancers finally had enough of Konrad's sadictic rule and fled the battlefield without a second glance. In desperation, the magically inept Konrad tried to hold the Undead army together all by himself, but the effort proved too much to bear and in an instant, Konrad's mind finally snapped.

In a mad fit, Konrad wandered away from the battle as his Undead army began to disintegrate, shouting maniacally as his mind lay shattered. Konrad wandered the forest aimlessly until he was ambushed by Grufbad, who then captured Konrad and held him down whilst the newly elevated Elector Count, Helmar impaled his father's killer with his own Runefang. With Konrad's death, the Second Vampire War was finally over, and in time, the Elector Counts began to squabble amongst themselves once more.


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