Warhammer Battle of Glencurst

A vision of things to come.

The Battle of Glencurst took place in 231 IC. Daemonettes and Pink Horrors burst forth from the caverns below Middenheim. They wreaked considerable damage to the city and lay waste to the western Drakwald before being vanquished at the Battle of Glencurst by the army of Count Reiner von Mechle.[1a]

Von Mechle suffers terrible dreams for the rest of his life. Always the same, these nightmares have him striding eternally across a blasted and twisted landscape, populated by creatures much like those he had vanquished. His remaining years are spent in the care of one temple or another as the priests work to calm his ravaged soul. Fifteen years to the day of his victory, von Mechle vanishes from a locked room — what his ultimate fate is, none can say with certainty.[1a]


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