Azhag's reign of terror lasted for four years, and saw dozens of towns in the Empire's northern provinces razed to cinders. It was at the Battle of Butcher's Hill, however, that Azhag earned the title 'Slaughterer'.[1a]

The battle commenced with Azhag deploying his horde in three separate cohorts - an act unheard of amongst the notoriously direct and unsophisticated Orc Warlords. The first cohort, led by Azhag's Black Orcs and Big 'Uns engaged the defenders head on. The second commenced a wide sweep around the base of the hill, the great mass of Orcs and Goblins blocking the reinforcement of those facing the wrath of the Black Orcs. The third cohort, consisting of uncounted numbers of Goblins and Snotlings, outflanked the defenders. The nimble creatures climbed the hill's flanks and spilled around the defenders until they were entirely surrounded.[1a]

As if such a cunning deployment by an Orcish Warlord were not dire enough, what followed would serve to ensures Azhag a place amongst the most hated of Man's foes.[1a]

Bellowing in a voice not his own, Azhag drew on the sorcerous powers granted him by the ancient crown mounted upon his heavy brow. His words bound the spirits of the recently slain, and turned them upon their still-living fellows. The last, doomed defenders of Butcher's Hill stood back-to-back upon its craggy peak, battling Azhag's Orcs whilst the bloody limbs of recently killed brothers tore at them from below. So terrible was the slaughter that none escaped Butcher's Hill, the slain being bound to Azhag's will, enslaved and forced to rage bitter, resentful war upon their living kin.[1a]


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