When the Dwarf King Belegar of Zhufbar was stricken with Warpstone poisoning, the morale of his warriors suffered severely, and the Skaven attacking the lower levels of the hold finally penetrated its blockade. Word of their plight travelled through the Moot to the Empire, largely due to the efforts of the Halfling runner Stocky Borrowblade.[1a]

Karl Franz personally led his Reiksguard through the treacherous sewers and tunnels of the Underway into the raging battle beneath Zhufbar. The Empire troops put the Skaven rearguard to flight at the Battle of Broken Pillars, and the Dwarfs took the opportunity to counterattack, repelling the invaders inch by inch. Since the famous battle, the alliance between Dwarfs and Men has been stronger than ever before.[1a]


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