Always eager for battle, Ungrim Ironfist marched out of Karak Kadrin to seek Gnashrak Badtoof, a crafty Orc leader whose rampaging army had already eluded Thorgrim Grudgebearer. Three times, Ungrim's throng defeated the Greenskin host, but in each instance, the Orcs escaped, largely due to the bloody ferocity of Gnashrak’s hard-fighting mercenary Ogre contingent. Soon after the third battle, however, Gnashrak had a falling out with his Ogre Captain, a fearsome brute named Golgfag. Defecting to the Dwarfs, Golgfag and his Ogres delivered Gnashrak's arm as proof of their ‘new’ loyalty. Ungrim accepted the Ogres' offer, and together, the forces made short work of the remaining greenskins. All would have been well had Golgfag, a greedy and grasping Ogre, not betrayed the Slayer King. Before leaving for greener pastures, the Ogre mercenaries looted the Dwarfs' baggage train, stealing all the ale for themselves.[1a]

Although it took five years, Ungrim finally settled the score. While heading eastwards, Golgfag and his Ogres unwisely crossed the Worlds Edge Mountains at Peak Pass, a route which ran in the shadow of Karak Kadrin. While on that narrow trek, they found their path blocked by the Slayer King at the head of a hundred of his angry kin. Upon seeing that he had more Ogres than there were Slayers, Golgfag laughed, but his rumbling guffaws stuck in his throat when he saw the red ruin unleashed by Ungrim and his spike-haired crew. With his army massacred, Golgfag was summarily beaten and thrown into a dungeon to rot.[1a]


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