"I order the execution of the prisoners with extreme prejudice. It is the righteous judgement upon these barbarous wretches."
Baron Rikhardt ordering the execution of Bretonnian prisoners during the Battle of Bogwurst.[1b]

In the year 507 (1485 IC) Baron Rikhardt succeeded to the Lordship of the Marches of Couronne by dubious and devious means. It was not long before his arch-rival, Count Henry, gathering an army in the Empire, invaded the Marches to oust him from power by force. Henry had secretly plotted with the disaffected Baron Lestanne and was counting on him either refusing to support Rikhard or joining forces with Henry against him. When Henry's army invaded, Rikhardt gathered his own army and went forth to give battle commanding Lestanne to bring his contingent in support of his Lord. Lestanne took his time and turned up on the flank of the two opposing armies as they drew up their battle lines across a long ridge of dry ground surrounded by bogs. This ridge formed the main highway from the Empire through the marshes into Bretonnia. Neither of the two opposing Lords knew for sure who Lestanne would support. Maybe he would wait and see who prevailed or remain neutral throughout the battle?[1a]

Efforts by both sides to prompt Lestanne to show his hand before battle commenced were rebuffed. Exasperated, Baron Rikhardt advanced his army along the ridge and engaged Count Henry's army. The battle raged indecisively until late in the day. When Henry's army managed to advance on a commanding promontory at the height of the ridge, Lestanne decided to commit his forces, joining Count Henry's side. Lestanne advanced to engage Baron Rikhardt's army in the flank. Overwhelmed by force of numbers, Baron Rikhardt's army crumbled. Baron Rikhardt himself was cornered among the bogs and slain while trying to mount up on his warhorse and escape. Count Henry took over the Marches lordship. He rewarded Lestanne, but could never really trust him.[1a]


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