Seeking to further her understanding of the Old Ones' power, in VII, 172 (2472 IC), Morathi forged a pact with the Vampire pirate Luthor Harkon, and together they launched an attack on the temple-city of Chokablox. As Harkon's undead hordes held back Chokablox's ferocious defenders, Morathi's warriors ransacked the sacred cloisters, recovering not only wondrous artefacts of impossible age, but enough conventional wealth to fill three Black Arks. Alas for Harkon, he argued too strongly for possession of one of the artefacts -- a chest of black pearls, each glimmering with barely-contained power. Displeased by the Vampire's peremptory demands, Morathi double-crossed her ally and left him sealed in one of Chokablox's treasure vaults -- an unexpected gift for the temple-city's outraged inhabitants.[1a]


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