The town of Bechbad on the Talabec, a couple of days downriver from Talabheim, had always been quite quiet. The riverwardens there had little to do but check the regular flow of cargo ships making their way up and down the great river.[1a]

Until, the pirates came. In a couple of weeks, five cargoes were lost and many honest boatmen. The Bechbad riverwardens could do little; and caught no sight of he pirates, who had any number of sheltered tributaries and secluded inlets to hide in.[1a]

Then the captain of the riverwardens commandeered a cargo boat. He grabbed the next suitable ship, and demanded volunteers from the townsfolk and crews that were resting in Bechbad. And so filled with vigilantes and riverwardens, the boat made its way up the river.[1a]

They were soon set upon by the pirates and battle was joined. The struggle saw the pirate ship burn and sink and the commandeered vessel was badly damaged. But eventually, all the pirates lay dead or captured.[1a]

And thanks to the brave men of the Bechbad riverwardens that stretch of river has not seen another pirate to this very day.[1a]


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