"We found them just inside the entrance of the tomb. There were two of them, lying in alcoves on either side of the tunnel. They stood as we approached, bronze tipped claws scraping against the stone floor. Despite the stained, yellow bandages wrapped around their bodies, they maintained a sort of regal grace. Gold torcs encircled their necks, and green emeralds shone in their eye sockets, reflecting the light of our torches. Suddenly, they leapt at us, displaying a speed and agility not usually found in Undead minions. I barely had time to fire my pistol before they were upon us."
Heinrich Johannes, procurer of ancient artifacts[1a]

The ancient Nehekharan Kings often kept great cats as pets, using them to protect their homes or aid them when hunting. Upon the death of the king, his favoured companions were often entombed with him, guarding their master in death as they did in life. As all felines were considered divinely favoured, they were carefully preserved, with as much effort going into their mummification as that of their Human lords.[1a]

They are deadly combatants, retaining some of their animal cunning and regal bearing. Guardian Undead similar to the Bastethi have also been found amongst the ancient barrows of the Old World, particularly in the Border Princes. Scholars still debate whether these barrows are evidence of a Nehekharan colony in the Old World or if the primitive inhabitants of the region were merely imitating the practices of the great civilisation to the south.[1a]

Greater Bastethi

Greater Bastethi are the mummified remains of the Temple cats revered as sacred by the ancient Nehekharans. These Undead felines are reservoirs of necromantic power, causing other Undead near them to become more dangerous, even raising nearby corpses as Zombies or Skeletons. Necromancers sometimes seek out Greater Bastethi in order to strip them of their power or use them as servants, but to date, only the Undead Liche Priests of Nehekhara have managed to secure their loyalty.[1a]


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