Celestial College

Despite having a weak constitution for sea travel, Bartolomi Kereveld was brought on an expedition to Lustria, aiding the mercenary flotilla by navigation, and even the slaying of a seabeast with a meteor shower - though he claims anyone of the Celestial Order could cast such a spell. Along with a great mass of equipment, the Celestial Wizard brought with him a manservant named Theobold.[1a]

Kereveld's reason for joining the expedition can be traced to an old logbook. The sole survivor of an earlier expedition had sold it to a merchant in Swamp Town, who sold it to a captain, who in turn sold it to the Celestial College in Altdorf. Said-book even contained a map tracing the path by which the original expedition had taken, making it a genuine find, or at least according to Kereveld. It does not, however, detail what had happened to the men that had gone before...[1a]

Spoilers for The Burning Shore

During a pivotal battle against the Lizardmen, Kereveld and Colonel van Delft would disintegrate when the second comet he summoned was redirected by the Slann Xinthua Tzeqal.[1b]


  • Kereveld owns a large brass-bound compass that he keeps in his pocket.[1a]


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