Barrows of Cuileux Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
The Barrows of Cuileux should not be confused with the Grave of Cuileux. The Grave is the site of the last battle between the Knights of Cuileux and the Greenskin horde. The Barrows of Cuileux are where the Cuilen buried their dead. The barrows are scattered over a wide area north of the Gilleau, some in the Forest of Châlons and some in the mountains of the Massif Orcal. A typical barrow has about twenty burial chambers linked by tunnels, but some are far, far larger. Adventurers claim to have seen a barrow the size of a town within the forest but said that they were driven off by the Undead guarding it.[1a]

Most of the barrows in the lowlands are now merely empty shells, long looted of grave goods by Orcs and Bretonnians alike. There are a few with Undead guardians, and these still survive intact.[1a]


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