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Bohrn Heraldry

Heraldry of the Baroness's vassals

The Barony of Böhrn is a Reikland estate. Its ruler is Baroness Agetta von Böhrn, a direct vassal of the Grand Prince of Reikland. Located in Vorbergland, it it is west of Ubersreik and the Duchy of Wallenstein.[1a]

Baroness Agetta rules Böhrn from the town of Siedlung. She has six vassals- three with hereditary titles, and three with non-hereditary titles. The three hereditary vassals are Baron Markham of Siebbach, who has a further two vassals; Countess Osterhild of Kaltenwald, who has a further three vassals; and Baron Baltzer of Ettlindal, who has a further two vassals. The three non-hereditary vassals are Warden Fabian of Ort, Warden Luethold of Koff, and Castellan Fronika of Neumarkt. None of the three have any sub-vassals.[1a]

As a vassal of Karl Franz, Baroness Agetta is entitled to attend meetings of the Reikland Diet. However, she prefers to spend her time in her own estate, and relies on her younger sister, Lector Agatha von Böhrn, to take her place in such meetings.[1a]


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