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Bardul the Hunchback is an old Dwarfen retainer of Drachenfels. He thinks he is about 280 years old, although he has lost count (he's actually 288).[1c] This is very old even for a Dwarf, but the magic of Castle Drachenfels may have something to do with this.[1a] This leaves him none too eager to leave.[1c]

Unaffected by the Undead or the strange geometries of the castle, Bardul roams the place, sweeping up the stairs, along the corridors, in the Great Hall, or attending his clocks. The Dwarf loves clocks, and is great at dismantling them for cleaning, but is excruciatingly bad at putting them back together again.[1a]

Lonely, Bardul enjoys the company of visitors, provided they treat him well, chat with him, and behave in a generally friendly manner.[1b]

Yet he is also afraid of "the Master", and scared not to be available for domestic duties should the Master reappear. He tries to avoid discussing the Master's activities if at all possible. He manages to survive by hoarding scraps of food and supplies he finds around the place. He has become a real aficionado of rat cuisine and skeleton stew, and although he is a rotten shot with his sling, he has knocked the odd bird out of the sky. He doesn't generally bother to cook them before eating them, and is usually hungry. His own room contains lots of bric-a-brac and an oil burner used for warmth. He also jealously hoards some Lustrian coffee there in a tin which magically regenerates it.[1c]

Bardul has long, lank black hair and a very bushy, but also rather dirty beard. He wears filthy clothes, and doesn't seem to mind that he really does smell fairly overpowering. His one friend in the Castle is the ghost of Stanislav Goethe, from whom he has acquired some academic skills. He is genuinely fond of the old sage and is now immune to the fear he causes. He will warn visitors of the sage's condition and the fact that Goethe refuses to admit that he's undead (or even dead for that matter).[1c]


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