"Leave none alive who do not bend their knee to the Blood God!"
Barakus the Godslayer.[1]

Barakus the Godslayer was a mighty Daemon Prince of Khorne who ruled over the Bloodwrought Enclave of the Inevitable City.


Chieftain Barakus once prayed to the gods of the land, but when the gods forsook his people he led them on countless murderous raids. At first they were in the name of survival, but soon they devolved into massacres in the name of murder itself. Such was the blood he and his people split, they became known as the Bloodwrought Tribe, and such were the holy grounds they ransacked and seers they slew, Barakus became known as the Godslayer. Fate caught up with them when they reached the Inevitable City. Here they have been for millennia, locked in eternal combat, endlessly spilling each other's blood.[1]

The Bloodwrought Enclave can be found within the Undercroft of the Inevitable City. The screams of pain, shouts of battle, and clash of steel can be heard long before one approaches the Enclave's front entrance. War never ends within the Bloodwrought Enclave. Barakus the Godslayer sees to this, for he has ever been a loyal servant of Khorne. Even when he was a mere mortal, Barakus thirsted for spilled blood like a ravening beast, and his hunger for battle was never truly sated. Now he remains within the Enclave, eternally at arms.[1]

Though the Inevitable City is ruled over by the followers of Tzeentch, they have been forced to to entertain the blood-stained Skull Lord and his brutal worshippers for fear of losing his support. However, the Blood God is not satisfied with the Bloodwrought Enclave alone, for he wants the whole of the city, and he means to take it from Tchar'zanek when the time is right. Indeed, Barakus and the Bloodwrought Tribe threatens to find their way to the Raven Host and then back into the world of mortals...[1]


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